Like Giants - The Greener Surfer Film

Building a greener camera to profile a greener surfer.

Our client, Like Giants, is a production company that tells digital stories. They wanted a self-promotional video to showcase their passion for authentic content and storytelling. We took their brief and literally wrote them a brief, to prove and showcase their commitment to authentic crafted filmmaking.

We connected them with the iconic 'Greener Surfer', John McCarthy, a man dedicated to finding sustainable, naturally produced products for playing in the ocean. His signature hand crafted surfboard, the Alaia, ridden in pre-20th century Hawaii, is made out of 100% natural local wood. Going back to a simpler more crafted approach, they set out to make an authentic content film for John's brand. Thus began the story of profiling a greener surfer with a hand built greener camera - crafted from offcuts of the natural materials of the surfboards themselves. Stills from the hand-made pin hole camera book-ended the story and promotional video. This craft innovation showcased the profiles of both, Like Giants and The Greener Surfer, creating great brand awareness and talk ability. 

Watch the short film here:

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