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With over 546 wineries,
distinction in the South African wine industry
requires creation on a different level.

With all wine farms saying and doing the same thing, we recognised an opportunity to disrupt the market by bringing into existence something new in the Eden of over 100 000 hectares of South African vineyards…

Introducing Adam and Eve. Just as Adam’s rib formed Eve’s body, the flesh of the red Merlot grape creates the white Merlot, a first of its kind for Vergenoegd Löw. Adam, as handsome as the sun, creating Eve, as pale and alluring as the moon – gave life to our visual metaphor – “Day births Night”.

The bottles themselves representing Adam and Eve’s celestial bodies are revealed in the round cut-outs of the garden carrier. Adam’s garden is bathed in sunlight while the same scene comes to life by Eve’s moonlight on the opposite side of the box.

Eden’s flora is informed by the tasting notes in each wine. Adam’s plum, red berries, and strawberry sorbet… and Eve’s gooseberry, citrus, and pineapple.

The fauna curled around the packaging forms Eden’s most infamous resident. Coiling out from behind the sun and moon, slithering through the garden, formed by the negative space between the enchanting detail.

As the packaging rotates, red creates white and day births night, and life is breathed into something far more tempting than the category has ever seen before.

And so, Adam and Eve’s Eden came to life… to the temptation of everyone.

And true to the story, the irresistibility of the Eden we created meant Adam and Eve once again had to leave the garden, but this time they sold out… in a total of six thousand bottles within three months, truly a first of its kind for Vergenoegd Löw


1 x Loerie Award Winner: Packaging Design

In-store Sales activation Room:


Adam and Eve’s natural habitat, The Garden of Eden, inspired the design for our in-store point of sale display. However, respect needed to be paid to the graceful Cape Dutch homestead, built well over two hundred years ago, and now officially celebrated as a national monument.

This meant that space was limited and mounting any structures to the walls was expressly forbidden.

Our solution was to use a passageway leading into the existing sales room and create a structure within a structure, respecting the heritage of this monument.
Enter the Garden of Eden, a closed off 2.5m x 2.5m room where we built wooden structures within the frames of the existing walls.

We cladded the walls with mirrors, creating an infinity of Adam & Eve bottle glorifiers .