If there’s one word that describes the taste of Simply Asia food at a purely visceral level, it’s the word YUMMY. YUMMY comes straight from the heart. It’s a fun word… a word universally understood.
Our concept is about creating a beautifully crafted art piece made out of the freshest Simply Asia ingredients.The creative skills and effort put into creating this masterpiece will educate consumers, via social media, on the artful craft that goes into making our food, our authentic Thai chefs, theatrical kitchens and the colourful mix of our freshest ingredients, resulting in our authentic flavour-filled dishes.
Placemats and Pull Up Banner
Social Media
To ensure maximum reach, our content is served to an even wider demographic and radius than our generic posts. The purpose of the content is to introduce the Year of Yum and entice consumers to go to stores and experience this new world of YUM.
The making of YOY
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