Wazoogles Superfoods has a deep and undeniable passion for health, believing that the sky is the limit. The brand has big aspirations and wants to lead the lifestyle and health category in a way that's never been done before. They wanted to generate some brand awareness to help guide the everyday person towards living a healthier lifestyle.

In keeping with their “never been done before” brand ethos, we decided  to bring the world’s first Wi-Fi unicorn to the people of Cape Town. Their brand icon literally manifested into being, when this Wi-Fi unicorn went for a stroll on the Sea Point promenade. The unicorn challenged people to get moving using: #FOLLOWTHEUNICORN and KEEP UP FOR FREE WIFI.

The surprised crowds followed on the day and online. The magical beast turned heads and generated much talk-ability on traditional and social media platforms, launching the brand icon and gaining followers.

This out of the ordinary activation created brand awareness and turned traditional brand outdoor media into a living representation of what is at the heart of Wazoogles products. Making humans healthier, stronger and happier.

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